Friday, June 29, 2007

Messenger bag purse

I stopped all the vacation preparation in the middle of the morning. Because My muse would not leave me along. I made this purse about a year ago...but it needed something. So, today it got something. It could still use more. But, I have got to finish everything up; packing, taking the animals to the kennel, making a dessert. We have a cookout to go to tonight...yikes. I better get really busy. The rest of the bling on the purse will have to wait.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Elizabeth aka Izzy

She has a name. Elizabeth...but that is a big name for a little dog. So, we call her Izzy and little bit, and sweetie and lizzy and itsy....well she just comes to any name. But she seems to like Izzy the best. So Izzy it is. We asked Jadon which name she liked best Scarlet (which was what Jadon thought we should call her at first) or Izzy. She decided she likes Izzy best.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Angel without wings

My little angel has yet to get her wings. She is almost finished...but other things must be she will wait. This is a Jacque Uetz Pattern. I love it. But it is a lot of work..

Monday, June 18, 2007

Newest Member of the Family

Fathers day was a fun filled day. First We got a call from our youngest daughter. Then the oldest daughter and her hubby came and went to church with us. The four of us went out for lunch. Then to the Flea market. That is where things got interesting. I fell in love with a little black dog.
Now we are getting ready to go on vacation. So, was this a good time to take in another family member? No...but I did it anyway. I told the love of my life I was buying her for his Fathers day present. Did he believe that...probably not. But, She has already stolen his heart as well as mine. And the Good thing is Bella, our other dog, and Lariat our cat have accepted her too. I wasn't worried about Bella...she is a sweet old thing and loves all other animals. Lariat, I was really worried about..but last night they both slept with me.
Her first owner called her Dog. Her second owner (which were the people that run a pet shop) called her Mona Lisa. So far she hasn't told me what her real name is. but I am sure it isn't a name she has already had.
She is about 2 years old. She does well on a leash, she is house broken, and loves to chase a ball. Cries when either of us leave her sight. Very loving and a real cuddle bug.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Travel Journal

We are getting ready to go on vacation. I always make lots and lots of lists...which I usually miss place. You when does the dog need to get her bordatella(sp) shots before going to the kennel. What day did I make the appointment to take her to the groomer. What all am I going to put in the little cosmetic bag?

This is a road trip. So, a list of things that need to be in the car in case of any emergency. Well, you more than get the idea at this point.

In my attempt to be organized. I have created a travel journal. Complete with a page for what I need to do and pack before the trip begins...well maybe multiple pages.

I purchased a spiral bound book with flowers on it. Spiral bound because I have learned from doing rr journals that is the easiest to work with. I will take it with me on vacation along with scissors, glue stick and pens. So I can do a little journaling each day of the vacation.

I guess you noticed it no longer has flowers on it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fairy again

I think she is finished. Labor pains were hard...but like most labor pains I have almost forgotten how painful this birth was. So, even though she didn't turn out "pretty" I may just try again. Because I learned a lot this time. Again bad photographs...

Downed trees

The insurance adjuster was just here. Hummmm wonder what it will cost to fix the roof??? Oh here are a couple of pictures of one of the trees that went down.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


We just had a storm with 80 mile an hour winds and hail the size of quarters. That white stuff is hail. That pitiful looking plant was a beautiful Hosta. We have a lot of metal off of our roof too. We have trees down. Now that the sun is out I'm off to take pictures of the downed trees.

Some births are harder than other.

And all babies/dolls are not pretty. Her eyes need a lot of work. But instead of finishing the face, I decided to give hers some clothes. I didn't smooth her skin nearly enough. So, I must cover up as much body as possible. This fairy may be a first and last. Oh I do have a 2 1/2 inch fairy that needs to be painted. I'll put pictures of her up when she is finished.

We were talking to our daughter and Jadon this morning. David decided to show Jadon the doll via the Web Cam. big big mistake. She cried she wanted the doll. At 18 months old she doesn't understand the distance between us. She wanted her "Pa" to bring the doll to her. We went to great lengths to try and make her understand that we would mail the doll to her. Now her poor Mother will have to listen to her ask about the doll until it arrives. Which will be at least 3 weeks. I never dreamed she would even be interested in the doll.

I haven't exactly made her to be appropriate for a child this age....hummm...better glue the clothes on.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Labor pains continue

She had hands. Still more smoothing to be done. I should cut my nails. Everytime I get one area almost smooth I stick my nail in some other part...woe is me.

A Walk in the Yard

It feels like summer. It looks like summer. The calendar says it is still Spring.
We are in a drought situation. So, why did this Turtle leave the pond?

The primroses are blooming and so are the lillies. The cone flowers want to...the buds are all but bursting open. The flower bed with the primrose blooming hosts my native plants. I'll have more pictures later when everything else is blooming.