Friday, April 14, 2006

Organize Creative Ideas

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea? Then forget what it was by the next morning.
Keep a notebook by the bed and write it down.
Keep another one in the Kitchen and one next to your easy chair. And I know you already have one in your studio.

While you are driving down the road do you get insight into a project you are working on?
Ok, this one is tricky. You could write it down on that note pad that you keep in your purse but, first you would have to dig the note pad and the pen out of your purse. A little tape recorder would work...Or what I do leave yourself a voice mail on your home phone or your husbands cell phone. Leaving one on your husbands phone is more fun. And keeps him guessing. A word of caution. Put down the cup of coffee before you try using the phone and driving through the busiest intersection in town.

And even though I tried to be organized I still had those little pieces of paper with insights, ideas, problem solvers, and the inevitable grocery list laying various places in my car and home.

My solution: Is in the picture above. It is or was a 1998 calendar/planner that I never used. I altered it. Now it has pockets and sections labeled: craft ideas, future products, craft shows to attend, well you get the idea. I take all those misc. pieces of paper and put them in the book. Some I write in. Some I simply paste the note in. Many of the pages are stamped, painted: altered. It is a good place to try something new and stay semi-organized too.