Thursday, May 22, 2008

The landing

Now the play area. The little green bed I bought at the 127 yard sale several years ago. Never really had a good place for it until now. And the cat is very happy with it. The table and chairs should come in handy for Little hands to do art work. The very, very, short book case will soon be filled with books and there is a small trunk for toys. I hope it isn't too small. The turtle back trunk was my great grandmothers.

I'm very tired and very happy. Tomorrow night I will get to hold my granddaughters for the first time in 16 months.

Jadon's and Ella Room

I transformed my sewing/craft room into a bedroom for our Granddaughters. I shouldn't say I did it. Because there were so many helpful hands on this project. Not to mention backs, etc.

First everything had to be taken out of that room. And the dreaded closet clean out. I worked very had but just couldn't get it all done by myself. Enter my daughter, Tonya. To avoid two sets of step. Tonya parked a trailer by the front porch and we loaded it with fabric and then we loaded it with some more fabric...well you get the picture. Oh, so you don't get the idea the fabric was just laid out on the trailer, we had plastic bins and plastic drawers. Well, way too much fabric and all the stuff that goes with sewing. Then we drove around to the basement and unloaded.

Did I tell you first we had to do a major cleaning of the basement first. Whew...where does all that stuff come from and why did we ever save it in the first place.

Once the room was empty. Then more work. Patrick, our son-in-law redid the ceiling taping mudding and new basket weave texture. Paint next. David painted the walls...well the first coat. It took two. I did the next coat. While we were at it, we tore the paper off the hallway and painted it. Tonya painted it.

The carpet was old and not in good shape. David and I tore it out and hauled it off to the dump. We got sticker shock when we went to purchase the new carpet. Wow

I used the landing for my paint projects. We cleared all of that out too. And it is now a play area for the girls.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Our Granddaughters

I had a request for new pictures. So, here they are Jacque.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Bed

The bed was My Grandmothers. She had two of them. They were not exactly alike but very similar. I tried to buy them when my girls were small. I thought they would be lovely in their room. But she wouldn't sell them. Later she gave them to two of my cousins. Last summer my cousin Patti gave me this bed. I was so excited. Didn't know exactly where I was going to put it...but new it would be a good addition to our home. The finish was in bad we decided to paint the bed. I love the way it turned out.

Tonya, my other daughter, the one that gave me a very handsome grandson, primed and painted the bed for me. While her hubby textured the ceiling in the bedroom. Next paint the walls and install new carpet. Then....we get to do the fun part and decorated. Hurray, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I've now changed my sewing/craft room to a bedroom for my granddaughters. That special bed will be used by Jadon. The girls will only be here about 3 months but I will keep the room especially for them. So, on the occasions that they return to the states they will have their room.

I will have to rearrange the basement so it can become my new craft room......oh be continued....