Saturday, April 14, 2007

Redecorated Laundry Room

My daughter, Tonya, and son in law, Patrick. Are like elves that come in the middle of the night. They do magic in my house. Almost when I am not watching. Recently they redid my laundry room. And now it is so cute. Laundry doesn't seem to be such a chore now. Because I have such a happy, bright room.

Atd Made by Jacque Uetz

This wonderful ATD was made by Jacque...especially for my Laundry room. I decided the washboard would be a great place to display it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Weather Report

We had some awesome clouds come in late this evening. And when the clouds reached us....lots of rain lots of wind. But we don't have any damage.

Nothing like 33 years ago on this date. When 3 tornadoes hit the little town my husband and I were raised in. Many houses were just gone. The streets were covered with everything imaginable. House parts, barn parts, peoples clothes and prize possessions littered the roads and made them impassible.

We were really lucky that day. Our house had some major damage. Our barn was gone. Our horse trailer was sitting on top of my car. So you might be thinking what was so lucky. Our whole family was fine. No injuries. No one in our extended families were harmed. Even our animals made it through those storms unharmed. Our dog Hobo thought it was his lucky day. He came out from under debris (where our neighbor's house use to be) with a whole beef roast in his mouth.